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Summary A language for searching tree-like structures.
Category libraries
License X/MIT License
Owner(s) kenwenzel
TPL(Tree Pattern Language) is a query language for searching tree-like structures using an extended TGrep2 style syntax.


The goal of this project is to build a language which is applicable to a broad variety of problems where the main task comprises of searching tree-like structures.

What is the scope of this project?

  • Develop enough functionality to cover common problems of searching linguistic treebanks.
  • Build a tool which is adaptable to many problems with as least effort as possible.
  • Design for extensibility and reuseability.

Assumptions and ground rules for the TPL project.

  • We will use the Java programming language to stay platform independent.
  • We will not compete with XPath/XQuery in terms of searching XML documents.
  • We will try to design a tool which is easy to use and applicable to many sorts of trees.

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